Creating the world we want to love requires action! Just Cause is our motto. We believe that beautification is a spark that lights many fires of proactive problem solving in our Black communities. The Big Clean Up was created after “Meeting of the Minds,” a community conversation generated by Babylon Cartel.


After partnering with Ryan Harris, who actively cleans North Philadelphia neighborhoods, what grew was a collective community to bridge the gaps between Black organizers, artists, entrepreneurs, influencers and city officials to strategize a plan of action.


Organizing on the grass-roots level has strengthened our bonds and has proven to yield immediate results.


We realized the struggles of our community and want to plant seeds of perseverance and illuminate a path for both current and future generations of leaders, families and individuals.


We want to show our communities that the collaborative efforts of unique individuals for a common goal is what makes a community powerful! Plant seeds of perseverance


 People are the resource


Black people are capable of appreciating each other + our community. 


Just cause